Zamanin Kapilari

1 Seasons - 5 Episodes

2024 ON AIR 50 min

The doors of the past open one by one when the path of the computer genius Sinan, who lives an asocial life without communicating as much as possible with people despite the opportunities he has, crosses with Nevra, the attractive beautiful daughter of one of the most important businessmen in Turkey. With the secrets revealed, Nevra also encounters her own reality. Together they embark on a tense journey towards their roots. The confrontation and passionate love they will experience will bring many disasters and deaths

Genre: Drama

Cast: Alper Saldıran, Birkan Sokullu, Cem Bender, Elçin Afacan, Erkan Can, Esra Bilgiç, İbrahim Selim, Selen Uçer